FAQ - Here are some commonly asked questions. If you are not finding your answer please email us at [email protected]

What size cards do you offer?

Currently, we offer cards in 5x7 size. 

Are the cards vertical or horizontal?

Both! All cards come in both vertical and horizontal designs. Please note that the design may be slightly different for vertical or horizontal.

When I preview my card design, my image looks a little blurry on the preview.  Will it look blurry when printed?

If your image is too small and will actually print blurry, a yellow warning box will pop up.  On some card designs, your image may appear soft or blurry in the editor, but if there is no warning, no worries:)

What type of shipping do you offer?

We ship by USPS.  Orders received by noon EST generally ship out the same day.

Backgrounds and Layouts

I chose a layout, but now I don't want it anymore. How do I get rid of the layout?  

Oh that's easy! Simply click the undo button until the layout disappears from your card background.

I've created several cards and saved them and can't decide which one I like the best!  How can I view them all with my pictures?

When you create a card and click save, it is stored in your “My Projects”. Too see them, click on the person icon to the left of your name, and go to My Projects! You will see them all there. :)

How to I track my order?

Click on the person icon to the left of your name followed by Order History and Details. Click on your order for details.

Mobile Site:

I don't see the background I want on the mobile site.  Where is it?  

Mobile has limited background choices available.  To see the full selection, please order on your computer.

How do I edit the crop of my photo?

Tap on the image and the bottom menu will change. Tap "Edit" followed by “Transform” on the next screen. From here tap and drag to move the crop around. Tap and drag the corners if you want to bring zoom in. Once finished tap “Done” from the upper right followed by the back arrow from the upper left to get back to the main editing screen.

How do I add text?

Tap the text box followed by tapping “Texts” from the bottom menu. Enter desired text and tap “Accept” from the upper right.

How do I add the card to my cart?

Tap the green shopping cart icon from the upper right to review. Scroll down to tap “Add To Cart”.